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We create sustainable and effective Digital Marketing solutions for all businesses. Understanding your market and maximizing leads

about us


Indigo Digital Solutions is a marketing consultancy service founded on the principal of making Digital Marketing accessible for all businesses. The company was founded by Husein Lokhandwala on the principle . Husein has worked in Digital Marketing for 5+ years providing turnkey solutions to B2B and B2C businesses looking to grow digitally and make an imprint online. Indigo has helped companies increase digital lead acquisition up 10x and build online e-commerce sales with RoAS as high as 600%. Indigo has also helped streamline companies marketing workflows and efficiency, with consulting services to improve processes, cut costs, implement CRM systems and implement Digital Marketing In-House.

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Complete Digital Marketing Solutions

Strategic Consulting

Build on your companies marketing potential will strategic marketing plans tailored to the target markets with long term, scalable plans for success. We assist businesses develop long term and sustainable strategies, to consistently grow and target the right customers.

CRM Implementation

Overwhelmed with manually handling customer accounts and staying on top of your sales process? A CRM maybe the right choice for you. We consult and help train and implement the right CRM system for your business.

Understand exactly who your customers are and what steps they need to go through to convert. We offer comprehensive development of buyer personas and market research to develop a marketing and sales funnel.

Funnel and Buyer Journey Development
Performance and Growth Marketing

We offer proven rapid growth and campaign testing to find exactly what works in online advertising on competitive PPC platforms like Google, Various DSPs, and Social Media. We use concrete data driven decisions to reduce CPA and improve RoAS for E-com and B2B marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Guaranteed ranking first on Google is a myth. With massive sites like Amazon and other database platforms, ranking first is challenging. That doesn't mean that you cannot be on the First page. We offer comprehensive SEO solutions that guarantee to get you the right visibility and make your site technically sound and meet the best practices for web browsing.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media is no longer about regular posts. It is a complex creation of both brand identity and customer acquisition. We offer comprehensive strategic planning to develop a unique social media identity which will serve as a platform to engage and reach new customer bases and make your brand more approachable



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